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  • Visual test

Test the view with the "ottotipica" table

Carefully following the instructions, you can measure in tenths your visual acuity. To access the online Test CLICK HERE.

Astigmatism test

Try to look at this "star" with one eye at a time and evaluate if the "rays" all appear equally crisp and sharp. If there are differences in one or more directions it is present an astigmatism! To access the online Test CLICK HERE.

Myopia test

At 3 meters away better see a letter on the red or the green one? The myopic best seen letters on RED. The hyperopic best seen letters on the GREEN. To access the online Test CLICK HERE.

Test di amsler

This test is used to perform a self control of the macular function. It is based on research for any deformation or faults described in the grid above. To make the test online click HERE.

  • Repeat the test once a week.
  • Use with light, distance and reading glasses.
  • Cover one eye and make the test with the other one.
  • Set the point at the center.
  • Noted irregularities (undulations, deformations, gray tones, blur).
  • Check the other eye.
  • Contact your ophthalmologist if you perceive anomalies or any changes.