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  • Sport optical
    One of the first specialized center in Italy
  • Sport optical
    One of the first specialized center in Italy
  • Sport optical
    One of the first specialized center in Italy

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Curinga Sport Optics is the answer to the needs of all sports, that is amateur professional.

How important is "see well" during sport? And see what it means?

It is not only distinguish 10/10, is not only a field of view of 180 ° and even distinguish all colors well. See is our greatest daily expenditure of attention and energy. The ultimate expression of all our functions.
It's important that everyone knows the best use of their visual function because the eyes lead the body. In every sport 80% of the perceptual input is visual so it is important that the visual information must be processed to optimize the performance. Sport is traditionally associated with the physical and mental performance: if view is not optimal may cause of trauma or patologies in general.

"SPORT OPTICS" is the answer to the need of each sport, both amateur or professional, to reduce the risk of traumatic events mechanical or radiation, to improve visual performance and consequently athletic indicating, for various sports and related to the individual athlete, the use of the most suitable corrective means - contact lenses or glasses for specific sports activities.
The proper functioning of the visual system is of fundamental to improve the sports performance.
This is achieved by analyzing the mode of action and interaction of visual and motor system and making a careful analysis of the athlete's view in order to achieve the best visual performance. Our focus and our commitment, therefore, are aimed at improving safety in preventing eye trauma and orbital area, in reducing vision problems of athletes linked to radiation and to improve visual efficiency.

At our "SPORT OPTICS" center it's possible to create customized contact lenses and glasses on the sport, the dynamism and the light conditions, making a careful analysis of the vision, the result of the joint action of different skills such as static and dynamic visual acuity, vision binocular depth perception and contrast sensitivity. As part of the latest technology in our center could not miss the "wind tunnel" a device that allows sports fans and professional athletes, to test their glasses verifying the behavior of the airflow, and simulator "Sports View" that offers skiers a 'unique experience in an interactive way. The application realistically reproduces the sports activities and everyday scenarios in different lighting conditions, allowing the athletes to compare different shades of lenses taking into consideration the lack of view. Sports lovers can now verify that the sunglasses or eyeglasses fully satisfies their needs and proves therefore suited to the sport they practice.

"A concentration of cutting-edge technologies"


You can create masks and prescription glasses for swimming; soft and protective structures with anti-fog and anti-scratch, which protect the ocular structures while swimming at the beach, at the pool, masks designed for swimming, the protection in the surface water sports, surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, rafting, canyoning , idrospeed, jet skiing, water gymnastics.
Corrections can be made for astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia.
The swimming and diving glasses are recommended by our specialists according to the visual defect.
Specific mask for apnea.
It’s possible to make bifocal lenses that allow viewing from far and near.
When you spend a lot of time outdoors it will inevitably prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can lead to our eyes, especially on the ski fields and other places where there are a large reverb. In fact, the visible light is that part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation naturally perceived by the human eye (wavelength 380-750 nanometers). In addition, there are also invisible radiation to the naked eye that can cause damage, including the known ultraviolet (whose wavelength is comprised between 100 and 400 nm), which are divided in the most harmful UVA (315-400 nm ), UVB (280-315 nm) and UVC (100-280 nm). The ultraviolet levels are greater with increasing altitude (per thousand meters rise by 10-12%) and the height of the sun (the most dangerous in the middle of the day and in the summer months), with decreasing latitude and cloud cover . 90% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate through clouds and snow can reflect up to 80% of UV rays (reverb). There are many risks that may face our eyes without proper eye protection with sunscreens.

At our center Sport Optical you can find a vast assortment of ski goggles.
They can be realized also for the correction of all visual defects with suitable clips.
If sport is traditionally associated with the physical and mental wellbeing can, in turn, cause of trauma in general. "Sport Optical" is the answer to the need of each sport to reduce the risk of traumatic events mechanical or radiation, to improve visual performance and consequently athletic, indicating, for various sports and related to the individual athlete, the use of the most suitable corrective means.

Extremely light and cutting edge design, fluorescent colors. At our center Sport Optics you can find a wide assortment of bike helmets, motorcycle helmets, motocross helmets etc ...
The shot glasses are made for all sports that do not involve contact and requiring a precise view, including all sports as clay pigeon shooting, target practice with your pistol or rifle, hunting, archery. Even in this sport the view is a determining factor, in our center we offer individual solutions. The eyewear centering will be made with sophisticated instrumentation taking into account the position taken by the shooter. It is very important to choose the right color of the lenses that can increase the contrast and to satisfy the requirements according to different light conditions:
  • Yellow is shown in mist or fog days, increasing the contrast and highlighting better the target;
  • Orange is indicated on cloudy days;
  • Amber is indicated in very bright days.
Use of contact lenses in sport is crucial, it allows sports considerable advantages essential to enhance athletic performance. The contact lenses are the most convenient and practical solution for the correction of all refractive defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism also irregular as in keratoconus), are the most effective means of vision correction by offering a surprising level of comfort. Contact lenses allow a complete visual perception with a perfect view of both central and peripheral having a real vision without altering the image size (large myopic small hyperopic).

Contact lenses resolve the problem of the narrowing of the field of vision and, in some cases, the lateral distortions, consequently the quality of vision, that it is impossible to solve with the use of eyeglasses. It is however important to emphasize that in order to reduce risks and traumatic events is always necessary to use a protective eyewear.As regards the application criteria, it is important to subject the athletes to a preliminary examination as the prescription of the lens must be carried out depending on the sport and the environment in which it is practiced.Thanks to the high standards achieved today and the continuous scientific research you can get a greater biocompatibility and excellent comfort.
New line of glasses for the practice of all sports. adjustable strap, protection from front and side impacts, no sharp edge, wide field. Non-slip temples, polycarbonate lenses. Suitable for corrective lenses. Conforms to EN 166-ASTM F803-03.

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