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Zeiss Excellence Center

Zeiss Vision Care

A new vision experience
As a manufacturer and world leader in precision optics, we combine technical expertise and innovative ideas to provide exceptional viewing experience. Get ready to amaze you with solutions that are much more than simple lenses!

Prodotti & servizi

Single Vision Lenses

As unique as you
For short-sighted and presbyopia for bookworms and night owls, traditionalists and trend-setters: our single vision lenses are made based on your needs.

Digital Lenses

Put an end to stress digital Visual
Fresh eyes, neck relaxed, clear mind, even after using for hours on your smartphone or tablet? Thanks to our lenses designed specifically to minimize such stress is absolutely possible!

Multifocal Lenses

Change perspective
Perfect vision, passing by the smallest detail to the overview image: tailored to your needs and habits, multifocal lenses provide clear vision at any distance.

Guide to a "Better Vision"

Sunglass Lenses

Bright colors, contrasts defined and reliable UV protection – enjoy the sunny days!

Sport Lenses

Sporty look and dynamic vision with the lenses securely fastened on the wraparound frames.

DriveSafe Lenses

Sharp vision behind the wheel and in everyday life thanks to a better definition of what surrounds, less glare and faster focusing.

Office and computer Lenses

For Office and computer: precise focusing and comfortable viewing for short ane intermediate distances.

There's more life in what you see

When you choose a pair of glasses, you're not only correcting your vision. You're choosing the way to look at the world from this day forward.

So you settle for, search the Visual quality that goes beyond the simple look and you'll find that there's more life in what you see. You will recognize the Zeiss lenses from the certificate of authenticity and the small incision, synonymous of quality and innovation.


The Optometrist is the caregiver who, as an expert of ophthalmic optics, physiological optics, optical physics, physical and chemical components and applications of materials and tools necessary to solve visual problems, run with optometric techniques, objective methods, professional autonomy and responsibility for results, an assessment of the deficiencies. The optometrist detects, prevents and corrects visual defects with prescription, supply, fitting of glasses and contact lenses and by appropriate procedures for visual education and instrumental techniques.

Contact lenses

Center of study and research of contact lenses
At our Centre we perform examinations for the application of contact lenses, using care, professionalism and the latest technologies and instrumentation.

Opto cosmetics

What do we mean when we talk about opto cosmetics?
Simple: it’s just a cosmetic line specifically for the eye area, which is essential especially for those who wear contact lenses.

The first cosmetic specific line for the treatment of the ocular area, exclusive formulas which replace synthetic ingredients, preservatives, perfumes or products like lanolin, and paraffin, with totally natural substances, avoiding any possible irritation or allergic reaction guaranteeing an exceptional cosmetic result.
This cosmetic technique is ideal for all women who want to take care of their image and of their health;it’s ideal for carriers of contact lenses, but also for anyone with sensitive eyes (45% of the population female) or an intolerance to the chemical ingredients present in cosmetic products.

Low vision

Low vision is a severe and permanent disability characterized by a reduction of Visual function characterized by a significant loss of Visual acuity and/or Visual field.

There are several diseases that can cause low vision:

  • Albinism: it is a disease that causes a reduced central visual acuity, photophobia (intolerance to light) and high refractive error;
  • Diabetic retinopathy: is a systemic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar which can lead to a decrease of Central Visual acuity due to retinal edema, meaning mound of fluid in macular retinal layers;
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa-Stargardt disease: genetic diseases;
  • Glaucoma: this is an ocular disease characterized mostly by a decline high eye that damages the optic nerve.

Visual rehabilitation focuses on stimulating the healthy or unhealthy residual retinal area, for example through the use of light pulses.
Rehabilitation is a field of Ophthalmology which involves teams of different figures: orthoptist, ophthalmologist and optometrist.
The team implements a custom patient rehabilitation project, designed to teach them to make the best possible use of residual vision and to train it to optimal use of optical instruments, or other facilities for access to the computing world.
Ottica Curinga always does with the utmost attention to requests or needs expressed by the patient by dominating the uncertainties, the moments of discouragement and attempts to give up.

Find out low vision tools

In cases of mild low vision can improve the distant focus applying a pinhole that reduces the visual field. The correction methods follow two main criteria: a reduction of visual acuity, at which you use non-optical and optical aids for larger images, or visual field reduction, at which you use optical aids that allow an apparent angle expansion.
Aids can be divided into: optical - electronic - computer.
Optical aids are hyper corrective monocular and binocular with power from +4 sf to +16 sf.
The optical aids are divided into:

  • Magnifying glasses;
  • Lenses hyper corrective monocular;
  • Binocular lenses hyper corrective;
  • The aplanatic lens systems;
  • Galenian and keplerian telescopic systems.

Magnifying glasses are now produced with a very wide range of magnifications. They consist of various sizes in order to make them portable or even pocket. In order to use this help the patient must have a decent residual vision, a good manual and a thorough exercise before they can be used for a long time. Hyper corrective monocular lenses are especially effective in those patients with low vision in one eye only. They are currently available with different powers up to +16 sf from +4 sf. Used in case of mild and moderate low vision, almost exclusively used in activities closely. Hyper corrective binocular lenses are ideal if there is a discrete residual vision in both eyes. This aid can improve the dimension of pictures and make them clear with no duplication and avoiding the consequent fatigue with prolonged reading. The aplanatic lenses systems are aids for reading and offer wide reading field, but such systems collect few reply cause aesthetic appeal and hard use in case of excessive proximity to the text.

The use of galenians and keplerians telescopic systems is necessary in patients who have a visual acuity less than 1/10. The galenians telescopic systems are used for low magnification, for compact size, for light weight and inexpensive; they are used also for short signs readings and directions, in museums or theaters. The keplerans systems have medium to high magnification, with a wider field of galenians system. They can have fixed or variable focus. The monocular use is the most suitable, but the telescopes can also be set for both eyes.

Magnification systems for surgery

The glasses or magnifying system is used in several areas: surgery and microsurgery, dentistry, low vision, creative activities such as jewelry, modeling, robotics and in all activities that require extreme precision on a microscopic level. At our center you can identify the most suitable magnifying system for surgeon or professional depending on the scope and the working distance. This allows to obtain an excellent result, an extremely sharp and exceptional image quality with a wide field of vision.

Magnification systems for medicine and technology

KF sistema kepleriano binoculare su montatura

User benefits:
  • The great variety of magnifications and the relative working distances, can satisfy the most varied requirements in many areas of application of medicine and technology.
  • The system fits on a special titanium frame, available in three different sizes, equipped with plano lenses or, on request, of ophthalmic prescription lenses. The frame is equipped with a silicone nosepiece for optimum comfort of use.
  • The articulated bridge of the system allows the user the perfect setting based on your pupillary distance.
  • The vertical positioning of the system and its angle are adjusted, through the adaptation of the specific support, by a key supplied with the frame KF titan or the complete system Kf.
  • The sterilizable handle and additional protection (supplied with the Kf titan frame and hard cases in Kf system full version) are also available as a supplement to the system version prismatic K.
  • The Kf Binocular Keplerian system is extremely simple to use, lightweight (weighs only 135 g approx) and ergonomic.
  • The Kf system can be integrated with the lighting system in Saphiro2 LED.
KF sistema kepleriano binoculare su montatura

Computerized centering

At our Center, glasses are manufactured with the utmost care and attention using the latest equipment.

With unmatched accuracy, the tool displays all measurements necessary for the construction of the lenses. The only solution to detect universal parameters.

A video sequence of the client placed in front of the mirror will allow the program to extract frames for custom data processing.

Thanks to the latest technology, the program reconstructs and analyzes in 3D frame position, eye and face in order to locate the natural posture of the head, to calculate the data with an accuracy to the tenth of a millimetre.

The calculation of winding angle through a 3D reconstruction, to allow for any deformation of the frame according to the anatomy of the face of the client: the only way to get correct measurements.

Healthy sigh

Tips for eye health

There are many factors that affect health eye: some like diet and lifestyle, are controlled by us, others like aging and genetic predisposition, are inevitable. Here are some good rules to reduce the negative effects that a superficial behavior could lead to the visual system.

Be examined by a specialist at least once every 1-2 years.
Perform regular exercise: cardiac and vascular stress, as in the case of high blood pressure, can damage the visual system.
Follow a healthy diet: is a good rule to have a diet low in animal fats and rich in fruits, cereals and vegetables especially green leafy. If this is not possible, it is useful to take the nutritional supplements specifically designed to "integrate" the essential elements to the maintenance of the eye health. It is also important to keep the body hydrated by drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day.

Protect your eyes from the sun: sunlight, especially ultraviolet light (UV) has been associated with many ocular disorders. In outdoor activities always wear sunglasses with 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B. Useful is also the use of a hat with a visor.

Do not smoke: smoking cigarettes as well as harmful to health and to the wallet, also involves a large number of eye diseases.

Protect eyes: ocular trauma often cause considerable suffering. Use eye protection in high-risk situations; for example during work or during sports. The importance of proper eye health A clean eye is a good eye.

The first eye defensive barrier is formed by the eyelids, eyelashes and tears. Tears "wash" the majority of substances and bacteria that try to attack the ocular surface. However, it is necessary to adopt different rules of hygiene to reduce the risk of infection.

The daily ocular hygiene is very important. It 'important to use sterile gauze medicated pre-packaged. In case of sensitive eyes these gauzes are also useful for removing makeup.

Ocular hygiene of VDT users (VDU): It is recommended to lubricate the eye with supplements of the tear film and, at the end of the working day, gently wipe the eyelid area.

It 'important to keep the eye constantly lubricated.

The tear is a vital element for the welfare of the eyes.

The tear fluid supplies oxygen to the cornea, protects against most substances or bacteria that try to attack the ocular surface, it contributes to the clarity of vision and relieves all discomforts related to dry eye sensation (burning, foreign body sensation, etc).

Spending a lot of time staring at a source or a point at a constant distance (Videoterminals, reading, driving vehicles).
In these cases it is necessary to supplement the tear film with appropriate products, especially when these situations are frequent in the day, or take up much of our time.blink, need to spare and tear of induction, is reduced by up to 3 times.

Ocular prostheses

The impairment of an eye involves discomfort and nuisances.
The function of an ocular prosthesis positioned correctly avoids psychological distress and gives the face a new-found harmony, thus allowing the patient to lead a normal life with all the advantages that come with it.
As regards the aesthetic effects our Centre guarantees excellent results because the ocular prostheses, after the necessary sessions are customized according to the needs of the patient, relieving the natural post-operative discomfort even for people who have suffered recent surgery.

Ocular implants made by ocular or orbital cast, with their special techniques, gives benefits of motility and optimum aesthetics.

The reproduction of the iris (hand painted) is made in minute detail using special pigments and hypoallergenic acrylic materials: the composition of polymethylmethacrylate makes the product unbreakable, eliminating the risk of scratching which over time could cause damage. The smooth and compact surface enhances the prosthesis and improves hygienic features.
Our center employs professionals working in the field of scientific research for the development of new biomaterials and collaborates with research institutions by offering its expertise and technologies to the study of biocompatibility, thus choosing the most suitable materials to realize our products.