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  • Optical illusions

An optical illusion is any illusion that deceives the human visual system, making him feel something is missing or making him feel something not right in the reality .

Optical illusions can occur naturally or be demonstrated by specific visual tricks. There are three categories of illusions:

  • optical: when caused by a purely optical phenomena and therefore do not depend on human physiology;
  • perceptive: they are generated by the physiology of the eye. An example are the after-images which can be seen closing eyes after fixing an image very contrasty and bright;
  • cognitive: resulting from the interpretation of the brain. A typical case is impossible figures and prospective paradoxes.

Movement: Animations

These animations will test your senses! Although these balls seem to go in opposite directions, they go in the same direction and at the same speed!

In this image you can see the face of a young woman, and that of an old lady.

Look closely at the elephant image, it seems to be all right but something is not right: the animals' legs are twice and even where they should not be there!

Illusion of three-dimensionality!

Spin the wheel to where?
Look at the picture for about 30 seconds ... Then try to look at your hand!