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Study and Research Center for contact lenses

At our center we perform optometric examinations and examinations for the application of contact lenses, with the same attention and professionalism both for disposable lenses and critical applications, with the help of cutting-edge technologies and newest instrumentations.

Service customized contact lenses

Each application is "Custom" paying particular attention and care in the study of the lens profile and the most suitable materials for each case: the choice of maintenance products is essential for the welfare of each individual wearer. Before the application of contact lenses is very important an eye examination.

There are various kinds of contact lenses. Generally they are classified according to the material (hard, soft and hybrid), or according to the frequency of replacement (disposable, in parts programmed and conventional).

Service of excellence for advanced applications of contact lenses for keratoconus

The rigid contact lenses are formed by gas-permeable materials and are mainly used for specific applications (keratoconus, post-surgery, orthokeratology), also using the procedure to molded lenses. Keratoconus is the non-inflammatory thinning of the central portion of the cornea, which is tapering and increases of curvature. Initially there are no symptoms and can only be discovered during a visual examination with corneal topography. In keratoconus the application of the gas-permeable hard contact lenses ensures the possibility of obtaining better visual acuity compared to the correction through ophthalmic lenses. It is very important, before application, an eye examination.

Soft Contact Lenses

The soft contact lenses can be hydrogel material, silicone-hydrogel, biopolymers. These are divided into different types:

  • daily contact lenses
  • monthly contact lenses
  • contact lenses biweekly
  • contact lenses for astigmatism
  • contact lenses progressive
  • coloured contact lenses
  • therapeutic contact lenses
  • cosmetic lenses

The daily contact lenses, after use must be eliminated, while all other types require an accurate maintenance, in order to prevent infections and complications. The rules to follow for proper maintenance of contact lenses are:

  • when handling contact lenses hands should be cleaned with soap, rinse and dry;
  • use the maintenances solutions indicated by the optician-optometrist, which are suitable for the lens material and the tear characteristics;
  • pay attention to the expiration dates of the maintenance solutions;
  • rinse the lenses with saline only and not with tap water;
  • before inserting the lens in the container, make the disinfection procedure rubbing the contact lens between the fingertips for about 30 seconds;
  • replace the container periodically.

In the last twenty years there have been major changes in the contact lens that we have direct experienced because this is a reference and research center for some companies. There have been major innovations in materials, in design of the lenses, the maintenance products and application philosophies.

Enjoy the benefits of contact lenses is now an opportunity for everyone!

The new generations of contact lenses are characterized by a high oxygen transmissibility which offers greater comfort and a clearer vision. There are possible problems in the event of: discomfort, symptoms of dry eye, foreign body sensation, intolerance which in some cases have limited its use.

There is a solution for everyone

With soft toric lenses can be corrected also important astigmatism in addition to the defects of myopia and hyperopia. News for those who have reading problems, new multifocal lenses for presbyopia correction meet the visual requirements at all distances. It is important to reiterate that even teenagers and kids can take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses. A preliminary visit and follow-up will guarantee the correct application and a valid prevention. It is important to make visual examinations with frequent basis in order to assess the state of contact lenses and eye.

Excellent vision and comfort to rediscover the freedom to see.